All our teachers are qualified, experienced and passionate about their job.
Drawing on their diverse and exciting backgrounds, they brighten their
lessons through stimulating experiences and content learning for students.
All our teachers have lived abroad, they are socially active citizens who
embrace new experiences as windows for our mind.

Effie Gavriel Kalopedis

(Director / Professional & Academic English)

Effie has obtained her BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Cyprus and her MSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and Social Science. She is a keen traveler who has spent 3 months travelling around the world on PEACE BOAT and volunteering in African and Asian countries. She has been an amateur actress and has been applauded on stages around Europe. She is fond of cinema and is a member of the Executive Board of Larnaka Cinema Society. Effie has been a scout for decades and is always prepared for any kind of weather! She has lived in Berlin and London.


Maria Gavriel Eliades

(Director / Pre-school English)

Maria has obtained her BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Cyprus and her MSc in Computational Linguistics – Speech and Language Processing from the University of Edinburgh. She is a mother of two and never stops learning from her kids. She is a passionate dancer and has even traveled to Argentina to practice tango. She has worked at the European Commission in Brussels, where she learned how to cycle. She has lived in Paris, Brussels and Edinburgh.


Ifigenia Orthodoxou

(Teacher Coordinator / Professional English)

Ifigenia has obtained her BA in English Language and Literature from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her passion for teaching led her to the UK, where she obtained her MA in English Language Teaching (Studies & Methods) from the University of Warwick. For the past few years, she has become fascinated with non-formal learning through her participation in seminars and workshops within and beyond education. She has had the unique opportunity to teach English to foreigners from Third Countries (i.e. Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Philippines). She is an animal lover and she takes care of eight cats. She is also fond of art, music festivals, theatre, and cultural events. She has lived in Thessaloniki and Royal Leamington Spa (UK).


Areti Andreou Papi

(Teacher / English)

Areti acquired her BA Degree and Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education at the Northern Territory University in Australia where she lived for 18 years with kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles roaming about to make life very interesting. She returned to Cyprus with her family in 1995 and for the last two decades she has been teaching English to students at G.E. English Centre. She is an ardent lover of literature and loves reading as much as possible in her spare time. She also likes writing her own novels and hopes to be able to have one published one day. Other interests include gardening and looking after her many pets.


Antigoni Charalampous

(Teacher / English)

Antigoni has obtained her BA in English Language and Literature from the University of Cyprus (Theoretical and Applied Linguistics track), and she is currently doing her MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Antigoni never misses an opportunity to enhance her teaching innovative skills and techniques through group work, seminars and trainings. As an undergraduate student she was active in Cyprus Acquisition Team at the University of Cyprus and she worked as a volunteer Research Assistant, among others. In her free time she enjoys reading books and articles, going to the cinema and attending online courses. She is an animal lover as she takes care of two lovely dogs, two cats and a cute rabbit. She loves travelling and her dream is to travel all around the world.


Maria Adamou

(Teacher / Technology)

Maria has obtained her BA in Education Sciences from the University of Cyprus. She is fond of travelling and her dream is to travel in less fortunate countries to help children stay at school. The first step of that journey was Athens where she worked as a volunteer teacher through Erasmus+ Program, helping a school that suffered from staff shortage. Her moto is “If pupils come back asking to learn more, then you can consider yourself a successful teacher”. She enjoys watching movies with family and friends, as well as cycling across the city.



Eleni Demetriou

(Teacher / French)

Eleni has acquired her BA in French Language and Literature from the University of Cyprus and her MA in French Didactic from the University of Nancy II. She loves traveling and exploring new cultures and civilizations. Eleni loves fashion and style, while she is proud of her fusion style cooking recipes. In addition, she enjoys teaching French to her three-year-old son.