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4-11 years old

English Language Classes

11-17 years old

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Professional English & IELTS
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian
Greek for foreigners

Our Learning Philosophy

Learning a foreign language – just like learning anything else – is driven by inspiration, engagement and caring. This is what we do best at GE-CENTRE!

All our teachers are passionate about their job. Drawing on their diverse and exciting backgrounds, they brighten their lessons through stimulating experiences and content learning for students.  All our teachers have lived abroad, they are socially active citizens who embrace new experiences as windows for our mind.

We value the individuality of each student. We are dedicated to  keeping every single student interested, engaged and inspired. This way, we enhance their confidence, because we believe in them.

Inspiration and self-confidence are driving forces towards self-development and success. And at GE-CENTRE we know how to do this.

We enhance life skills,

not just school marks