From Intermediate Level to Pre-IGCSE

English is everywhere, not merely in the class. Through our English language courses, children learn how to use English practically, developing their critical thinking and skills.

Through our modern teaching methods and the use of technology, we touch upon issues of daily life, the news, arts and sciences, the world. Through content learning, English language becomes more interesting and useful as a tool to discover the world.

We are in constant contact with our students and their parents, not only during class time. Through our Facebook page we share relevant posts through which students can enjoy learning beyond class, in an interesting and creative way.

We value the individuality each of our students. We try to find the way to keep every single student interested, engaged and inspired. This way, we enhance our students’ confidence, enabling them to excel not only at exams but also in real life.

Course Details:
Two 60 min. sessions per week (September-June)
Fees: €60-80 / month

Outstanding results at IGCSE from the age of 13

and at IELTS from the age of 15

IGCSE Larnaca



For decades now, we have been preparing students and adults for the IELTS (Academic and General Training) and IGCSE certificates, which are essential assets for a professional and academic development.
The English lessons are offered in Larnaca, either in small groups or in private, according to the needs of every student.
Our English language courses follow modern academic methods for critical thinking and skills development. These enable students to score higher results from their first attempt to take the exam.
More specifically, the lessons include:
– The use of multimedia (video, etc)
– The use of Internet
– Group discussion on current affairs and social issues
– Student presentations

The 30-year experience and expertise, along with the use of modern effective methods enable us to boast about having the youngest students in Cyprus who achieve top grades at IGCSE and IELTS exams.

Course Details:
Two 60 min. sessions per week (September-April)
Fees: €85 / month

IELTS (Academic)
One 120 min. session per week (October-April)
Fees: €100 / month

Private classes:

Frequency and duration varies according to student’s preferences
Fees: €20-€30 / hour

Through our Facebook page we maintain constant communication

with students and parents.

French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian

All Levels

Mastering two foreign languages is an essential qualification for a successful citizen in a globalized world. Learning a second foreign language is easier and more effective if it starts at an early stage.

Our school has a long experience and expertise in languages with methods that help students enhance various skills. Through promoting active learning, students can master a new language achieving active communication without being limited in passive comprehension.

At our school we offer a wide range of foreign languages and our students achieve excellent results at the following internationally recognized exams:

French: (DELF) Diplôme d’études en langue française / IGCSE
German: Zertifikat Deutsch – Goethe Institut / IGCSE
Italian: Italian State exams by the Italian Embassy / CELI by Perugia University / IGCSE
Spanish: D.E.L.E. Instituto Cervantes / IGCSE
Russian: Exams by the Russian Cultural Centre in Cyprus

Course Details:
Two 60 min. sessions per week (October-May)
Fees: €70-100 / month

Private classes:
Frequency and duration varies according to student’s preferences
Fees: €20-25 / hour

We value the individuality of each of our students.

FUNecole® Creative Digital Learning

FUNecole is an innovative, revolutionary program of digital and computer learning for kids, which enhances the children’s 21st century skills, such as:

  • effective use of computers and digital applications
  • critical and creative thinking
  • group work and group learning
  • presentation skills
  • problem solving with the help of technology
  • English language enhancement

Through a holistic teaching approach, the children develop skills on various technological tools (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, safe Internet, databases, image editing, coding, robotics, etc.) and are prepared for the Cambridge ICT exams.

View photos from FUNecole workshops at GE-Centre.

Course Details:
7-13 Years old (Β’ Δημοτικού – Α’ Γυμνασίου)
FUNecole (Computers and Digital Skills)
One 120 min. session per week (September-June)
Fees: €70 / month*
(*€55 for students who attend English language classes at GE)

Learning is all about inspiration, engagement and caring!


Children feel at ease with using computers and tablets, often much more than their parents do. Yet, have they developed any useful computer skills? Do they know how to protect themselves from online hazards?

Computer literacy is an essential skill that is developed through our Computer classes for students at our afternoon school.

Children learn how to use all the features of Windows (word, excel, power-point, access, etc.), the Internet, efficiently and safely.

Our school is an accredited ECDL examination centre, enabling our students to acquire an internationally recognized certificate to prove their computer skills.

Course Details:
One 120 min. session per week
Duration: approx. 3 months for each module
Fees: €70 / month