Once again, our students make us super-proud, by achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for the highest achievement in Larnaka region at the Thames Examination Board (www.thamesenglish.com) georgia-katie-processedimg_20161117_172524581_hdr

Our examination results are outstanding while our students are always among the youngest candidates!

This great achievement is the outcome of a complete learning program, starting from our young classes of learning English, based on developing multiple skills. Our learning philosophy through content learning and world explorationstef-antonis-processed makes language development effective and fun.

As a consequence, our students achieve high results without having to attend extra hours of classes before the exams but most of all, without any stress.


2016-thames-medalsCongratulations to ALL the students on their results!
Congratulations to the medalists too!

GOLD MEDAL              Demetriou Fotis                  Level 4
BRONZE MEDAL         Ioannou Stefanos               Level 4
BRONZE MEDAL         Tsielepis Christoforos       Level 3
GOLD MEDAL              Leonad Katie                       Starter
BRONZE MEDAL         Hadjiloizou Antonis          Starter
BRONZE MEDAL         Sialou Georgia                    Starter